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10 Clothing Staples Every Woman Should Have in her Closet

Ty Hendrickson

Posted on January 25 2018

10 Clothing Staples Every Woman Should Have in her Closet

Have you ever walked into your closet and had absolutely no clue whatsoever what to wear? It's happened to every woman.

Having some staple items will help take some of that guesswork out of putting together outfits and finding something to wear (and our bundles help too).

We surveyed friends and researched the web and here are ten clothing staples every woman should have in her closet.

1. A Tee

A tee, whether white or colored, is perfect to wear with jeans or colored pants. This also works under a cardigan or a blazer.


2. Flats

Flats look cute with pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts - you name it! Use them to dress up or dress down an outfit. 


3. A Blazer

You never know when you'll need to attend something professional-dress. Having a blazer in your closet will help you in a pinch. Throw this over a top or a dress and you are ready to go! 


4. Striped Shirt

A basic striped shirt works just like a tee. Wear it alone or under a cardigan or blazer. 


5. Black Pants

Black pants are not only slimming but can dress up a casual outfit. Already a staple in a businesswoman's closet, these pants will go with anything! 


6. Dark Denim

Dark denim is a favorite of everyone. You can dress them up or dress them down. 


7. A Classic White Shirt

Many articles on the web will rank this as the number one item every woman needs in her closet. A classic button down is very versatile and looks good on everyone. 


8. A Little Black Dress

Another must-have on every list that lives on the web, a LBD has been seen as a requirement for women for almost 100 years. 


9. A Pair of Heels

While a pair of heels is always a safe go-to for special events, it's okay to go with heeled wedges to save on the pain you may feel from not wearing these very often! 


10. Statement Necklace

Jewelry always, always completes an outfit. Whether it's earrings or a necklace, you'll need something. You cannot go wrong with a nice statement necklace.


Mixing and matching these pieces will give you endless outfit choices. If you do not have all ten, that is fine! Having some of these is a good starting point and you can fill in the rest from items on our site ;)

How many of the ten above do you have? What other staple pieces would you add to the list?